Month: December 2013

The Elder Scrolls world

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Amriel, mainly occurred in game story.   Warren Wood, the Persian Mo home, all covered with thick tropical rain forest climate, hot and humid, rainy. Art Mora, Nord moved to Tamriel before residence. O Carville, inhabited by a tiger, snow magic, monkey, snake species. Youkuda, was Ray Gaarder lives, for unknown reasons, sinking, Lei Gaarder ….  Read More

ElderScrolls mini-novel for christmas entertainment

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Hey everyone ,Elderscrolls4gold is here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Times flies ,another year has passed .Our site is becoming more and more mature and professional Elderscrolls service provider .of ccourse , we need thanks for our customer’s continuously support and worker’s harding working . In the past year ….  Read More