Month: March 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Jester’s Festival

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The annual Jester’s Festival is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online! During the festival, players can receive a uniquely mischievous task once per day after talking to each Jester. The Jester’s Festival kicks off on Thursday, March 23, at 10:00am EDT and concludes on Tuesday, April 4, at 10am EDT. Each year, to celebrate absurdity, ….  Read More

ESO Battlegrounds: Ald Carac In Vvardenfell

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The first map is revealed by The Elder Scrolls Online! According to the official announcement, three unique maps will be released in Morrowind. The first map of the Vvardenfell’s battlefields is the mysterious Dwarven ruins of Ald Carac. Ald Carac, which features rather narrow corridors and twisting passages, is designed to encourage players to engage ….  Read More

ESO-Gold Share Strategies Of Making ESO Gold With Players

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There are many different types of techniques and strategies for making gold in ESO. There is questing, crafting, gathering, buying/selling items, and many other unique strategies for making gold. In most MMORPGs using auction house buying and selling strategies is the best way to make tons of ESO Gold without having to do much work ….  Read More

Final Fantasy XIV The First Expansion And Stormblood Expansion

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Let’s take a look back to the first expansion to FFXIV, entitled “Heavensward,” of course, along with a series of changes and innovations, do you remember its details? Stormblood expansion release details, welcome to visit official website: This following Is The First Expansion To FFXIV Details High-end raids Multiple new jobs Massive new areas ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online Home Decorating Contest

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It’s time to show off your creative home! As lonng as you own a special home in Tamriel world, you would have the chance to win some prizes by participating in the ESO Home Decoration Contest. The contest period ends Friday, March 31st at 11:59pm EST. Since the most recent Homestead launched, players have been ….  Read More

ESO Update 2.7.9 Available To Download On PC/Mac

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A new incremental patch for PC/Mac has been released to The Elder Scrolls Online. This patch has a size of 730MB. The Elder Scrolls Online v2.7.9 focus on fixing several issues surrounding the Grouping Tool, furnishings, and general gameplay. Plus, the Champion Points in Cyrodiil is available in ESO again while the developers made a ….  Read More

ESO Tips & Tricks: Build Your Character That Suit Your Play Style

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As there are too mnay kinds of builds you can choose from The Elder Scrolls Online, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out exactly what kind of build you should go for. In this topic, we’ll give you some suggestions about how to make a good build and create the character you ….  Read More