How To Shoot Better In NBA 2K20

The NBA 2K20 is the most popular basketball video game on the PS4 / XboxOne / NintendoSwitch / PC. The NBA 2K20 MT is a virtual currency that can be used to buy players at the auction house and build a strong team. If you’ve never played NBA 2K before, you should know that you need to hold and release the Square button on the PS4 or X button on Xbox One, or pull back and release the right thumbstick, if you want to put the ball in the basket.


Shooting success was now based on how you’re positioned on the court, your posture and your defensive pressure, combined with accurate timing and so on. Let’s take a look at how to shoot better in the NBA 2k20.

Master your shot (or find a better one)
There’s now a shot gauge that will stand vertically next to the player you’re currently controlling. The key to getting a perfect shot is to simply hold the shot button until the meter fills right up to the top. You want to try and get it as close as you can to the top without having it go over.

If you’re having trouble with the new shot meter, just hold the shot button and then release it the moment the ball is about to leave your player’s hands.

Don’t abuse the turbo button
To avoid having to bench your stars for long breathers, let off of the turbo button. You really should only be using it in fast-break scenarios or if you’re caught out of position and need to race to the open man.

Use bounce passes for safety
The one you should master first is the bounce pass. This is a low-risk pass that makes it harder for defenders to jump into the passing lane and steal the ball.

Limit your contested shots
Don’t force your shots. There will be tons of times where you’re just not open, and that’s OK. In these scenarios, just pass the ball to your teammates and see if they can’t do anything better with it.

Know Your layer’s limitations
Take some time to learn the pros and cons of the player you’re using. Check out their attributes and ratings to see where they excel and do your best to put those players in the best places where they can make an impact.

Determine The Shot Placement In NBA 2K20 MyTeam
When your player takes a shot, the ‘Shot Bar’ will emerge next to the avatar’s head (though, now, it’s called the ‘Shot Meter). It is bar/meter flashes your team colors and is generally just easier to see. It is above the head, which helps to keep your eyes near the release of the ball and it allows you to see the action on the floor a little better.

If someone is on your side if they are trailing you if you’re going for a fade and if they’re behind you, shoot it! It’s probably gonna go in because the game assumes you are open which you technically are.

Setting Your Feet
when you are getting open for a shot, you’re most likely hitting turbo, but to set your feet you’re gonna let go of turbo. By setting your feet, you’re completely gonna let go of the turbo and the left stick, as soon as you get to that little inch of space you need especially you are a sharp or a stretch, let go of the turbo and let go of the left stick to set your feet and then shoot it. it will make way more shots with your feet set in NBA 2K20 MyTeam.

Practice Practice Practice
Practice mode is a great model to work on new shots, work out the kinks in your shot, finding the sweet spot of when to release the ball, etc. A good general rule is to take the shot at the peak of the jump. Also, you may want to turn on shot feedback (game settings > presentation) to get a general idea of what release timing constitutes a good shot, excellent shot, poor shot, etc.

Know Your Hot Spots
While in practice mode, press Select to pull up the Hot Spots graphic which will show you the zones on the court that you shoot the best at. Hot spot zones will also increase as you increase your shooting attributes.

Take Good Shots
The shot clock gives you 24 seconds, so utilize it to the fullest. Always strive to get good looks of the basket where the defender isn’t close enough to heavily contest the shot.

Complete the Shooting Section of Training Camp
Take full advantage of the in-game training camp that NBA 2K provides. This will get you fully familiar with every shot type in the game so that you have a number of shot varieties to attack the defense in different situations.

Shoot with the Button Instead of Right Stick
Everyone has their preference, but we find it easier and more fluid to use the X (square for PS3/PS4) button instead of the Right Stick to shoot. On some shots, like layups or the runner/floater, the Right Stick method comes in handy a little more – but generally, the button delivers better results.

Choose Shooter Signature Skills
The best shooters will be the combination of user intangibles (i.e. knowing when to take the shot), using a player with high outside shot attributes, and having multiple shooting signature skills. When you combine those along with an excellent shot selection, a player like this can be almost unstoppable.

Experiment with Various Jump Shots
If you haven’t found the right shot yet, you may want to just try experimenting with different shot bases and releases (via Edit Player). A fast way to practice different NBA player’s signature shots is to create a custom team and fill it with NBA players that you shoot well within the game. Go to practice mode to try out their shot.


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