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April Releases Of The Elder Scrolls Online

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The month of April was full of news. Of course, most are in line with those of Mars by presenting in more detail certain aspects of Morrowind, and especially the guardian, the new class that will be added with the next extension of TESO. In particular, a presentation of the class was published. First, in ….  Read More

ESO: Special Offerings Are Available During Jester’s Festival

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This March, to celebrate the Jester’s Festival, players will have access to ride a feral Sabre Cat mount or cuddle with a fierce-but-adorable Sabre Cat Cub. Costumes: Jester’s Festival Hat Pack There are three Jester’s Festival hat pack which consists of the Bi-Color Coxcomb Cap, the Ass-Ears Cap, and the Fool’s Cap and Masque. The ….  Read More

Elder Scrolls Online: The First Trailer Of Morrowind

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The first trailer of Morrowind is coming! As Morrowind will be available in June 11th, the new content of ESO is ultimately stormed the gaming world in terms of early news. In the gameplay trailer of Morrowind, Tamriel appeal our players taking up arms and rallying allies to protect Morrowind from destruction. Players need to ….  Read More

Elder Scrolls Online Updates: New Contents Of Morrowind

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More details have come to the new Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind. This new expansion allows players to experience new 4v4v4, small-scale PvP mode and new Battlegrounds. Yesterday, ESO revealed a brand-new landscape in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Here we’ll post a brief introduction of vastly diverse creatures and environments you’ll encounter ….  Read More

A Trusted Store to Buy Cheap ESO Gold – ESO-Gold.COM

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As a professional MMO Game supplier, ESO-Gold.com focus in offering you the fast and Cheap ESO Gold at the most reasonable price. You can enjoy 24/7 online support in our store. At the same time, our fast delivery speed and multiple payment methods will offer you a very good purchase experience. Not only can you buy ESO Gold with fast ….  Read More

ESO guide: How to build Templar Veteran Best DPS

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Source from:https://www.eso-gold.com/news/game-The-Elder-Scrolls-online-1634/ESO-guide-How-to-build-Templar-Veteran-Best-DPS-11645 Templar is a unique class that can deal weapon damage and use the powers of light and burning sun to damage enemies. They can also act as healers, with dedicated restoration spells. It is the “paladin” of Elder Scrolls Online. Here is the first Veteran map that you come across There are three ….  Read More