‘Unapologetic’ about making Elder Scrolls MMO

ZeniMax devs ‘unapologetic’ about making Elder Scrolls MMO

The Elder Scrolls Online - concept art

ZeniMax Online recently called in to the Game Informer podcast to talk up its Elder Scrolls Online title. Game director Matt Firor and creative director Paul Sage were the devs of record, and the 30-minute chat featured some interesting tidbits.

Firor mentions that the game will release simultaneously on PC and Mac, but ZeniMax has no plans for a console version. Sage talked a bit about the progression system, which, while level-based, does feature skill-based advancement as well. In the current build, characters gain experience in skills that are slotted. Sage also mentions that you do get better with weapons as you wield them, though the gain is not 100 percent usage-based.

There’s also a bit of discussion about art style, camera modes, and the decision to MMOify the Elder Scrolls IP. “We’re making an MMO; we’re unapologetic about that. This is the Elder Scrolls MMO. It’s not Skyrim. Skyrim already exists, and you can go play Skyrim. We’re making the MMO version of the Elder Scrolls, and with that comes some conventions that are different from a console RPG,” Firor says.

The Elder Scrolls Online is not being designed by designers, its not being designed by people who like playing games, it is being designed by suits and PR asshats, yet they expect the masses to simply be enthralled with it, because they think it’s awesome and exactly what we want.


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