Marvel Future Fight: 5 Best Artifacts

Marvel Future Fight Best Artifacts

In your Marvel Future Fight Accounts, Artifacts can amplify characters’ instincts. Some artifacts grant passive skills to specific characters when equipped. These skills can be increased with each star level. Skills listed are Lv.4 which is 6*. In this guide, we will show you the 5 best artifacts to use!

Scarlet Witch – Love and Chaos

MFF Scarlet Witch - Love and Chaos

Skill: Chaos Explosion Lv.4

Scarlet Witch is a must-have Universal-type character in Marvel Future Fight since she can heal herself and penetrate Super Armor, Barrier, Shield, and Invincible buffs. She can also buff her Energy Attacks, making her a well-rounded character similar to Doctor Strange or Adam Warlock. But, her Artifact is what makes her shine as it increases damage dealt toward Super Heroes and Super Villains by 20%. And to top it all off, players can further increase this damage buff for every stack of Total Instinct, up to 200%. So, without any doubt, the Love and Chaos Artifact is the best Artifact to use in Marvel Future Fight.

Emma Frost – Diamond Queen

MFF Emma Frost - Diamond Queen

Skill: Diamond Enhancement Lv.4

Barriers and Shields are one of the most OP buffs in Marvel Future Fight as they can render most attacks useless. Veteran players tend to counter these buffs by using Speed-type characters since they can essentially defeat an enemy character before they’re able to make a move. But, of course, most players don’t like using Speed-type characters since they’re usually squishier than most. Fortunately, players can use Emma Frost’s Artifact to reduce the amount of damage received (35%) while reflecting it to the attacker. On top of that, this Artifact also boosts the Max Attack by 0.5% per Total Instinct stack.

Heimdall – Vision of the Realms

MFF Heimdall - Vision of the Realms

Skill: Eye of the Universe Lv.4

Undoubtedly, Heimdall is one of the best Tank-type characters in Marvel Future Fight since he decreases all damage received by 25% and increases Dodge Rate by 35%. Players that equip the Asgard Invasion Uniform will allow Heimdal to remove any Debuff every 12 seconds. But, interestingly enough, Heimdal’s Artifact doesn’t boost a player team’s Defense but instead increases their overall damage. It increases basic damage dealt (20%) to any character in the Super Villain faction. Of course, most players forgo using Artifacts that are limited to a specific faction, but the Super Villain faction is among the most common ones in Marvel Strike Force, making it extremely useful.

Sersi – Vision of the Ancients

MFF Sersi - Vision of the Ancients

Skill: Eternal Resurrection Lv.4

Unfortunately, Sersi falls short of being a true Blast-type character due to her poor toolkit and because most of her Sersi’s skills are limited to the other Eternals. But, players that have access to all the Eternals will be able to breeze through most stages as they synergize better than other factions. The good news is that her Artifact is among the best ones in Marvel Future Fight since it can revive one party member at 50% of Max HP every 300 seconds. As players can expect, this skill can come in handy when facing boss-like enemies.

Hela – Blessing of Death

MFF Hela - Blessing of Death

Skill: Infinite Death Lv.4

Hela is a powerful Support-type villain in Marvel Future Fight since most of her abilities buff Attack and Dodge ratings by a certain percentage. Despite having a long cooldown (180 seconds), Hela’s Artifact can save an entire team in a pinch. That’s because the Blessing of Death Artifact activates whenever a party member’s HP reaches less than 5%, boosting their HP Recovery Rate by 50%. Players can increase their party’s HP Recovery Rate the more Total Instincts the party has before activation.