Destiny 2 Titan Guide: Mastering the Hazardous Propulsion Exotic Chest Piece

A comprehensive guide on mastering the new exotic chest piece for Titans in Destiny 2: the Hazardous Propulsion. This gear is not only hilariously fun but also remarkably effective, blending utility with power in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Overview of Hazardous Propulsion
Hazardous Propulsion stands out by providing a balanced mix of entertainment and functionality. Unlike some exotics that are either too plain or only fit for specific situations, this chest piece is versatile and powerful. It excels in both PvE and PvP, offering Titans a unique advantage.

Acquiring the Exotic
To obtain this exotic, you can use exotic ciphers at Master Rahool, who allows you to focus on exotics you haven’t collected yet. It is recommended to buy Hazardous Propulsion Unlock Service to obtain. This method is simpler and more time-efficient compared to the previous Lost Sector grind.

Key Features and Abilities

  1. Exodus Rockets: Precision hits and final blows charge the chest piece with up to six Exodus Rockets. Using your class ability—either a barricade or a Thruster Dodge—will launch all stored rockets at the target you are facing. It’s crucial to note that the rockets cannot be fired backward; they always shoot in the direction you are facing.
  2. Kinetic Damage and PvP Utility: Each rocket deals kinetic damage. In PvP, each rocket inflicts 28 damage, summing up to a maximum of 168 damage if all six rockets hit. Although not enough for a one-hit kill, this significant damage can be crucial in softening targets for follow-ups.
  3. Damage Buff for Rocket Attacks: Landing rockets on targets grants a stacking damage buff for subsequent rocket attacks, including sidearms and rocket launchers. This feature is especially potent with the Deathbringer, as the buff applies to all seekers in a volley, vastly increasing overall damage.

Building Around Hazardous Propulsion
For PvP, combining Danger’s Lash with thrusters can create effective setups that suspend enemies, making them easy targets for your rocket volleys. In PvE, leveraging elements like woven mail, coupled with Prismatic fragments like Facet of Hope, can enhance your class ability recharge rate, ensuring you frequently have your rockets ready.

Mods and Loadouts

  • Strand Siphon Mod: Use on your helmet to create orbs with strand damage.
  • Reaper Mod: Equip on your class item to drop orbs consistently, fueling your abilities.
  • Insulation Mod: Place on your boots to restore Thruster energy with orb pickups.

PvP Strategy
In PvP, don’t wait to charge all six rockets; use your thrusters and rockets as needed, even if just one or two are ready. Pair your rocket deployment with close-quarters weapons like SMGs, sidearms, or hand cannons to maximize effectiveness in tight engagements.

PvE Application
In PvE, the rocket damage buff excels. Use the chest piece in raids to test its damage potential against bosses. The ability to quickly charge rockets ensures you’re always ready to unleash a volley, enhancing your overall damage output and effectiveness in various content.

The Hazardous Propulsion exotic chest piece for Titans in Destiny 2 offers an exciting and effective way to enhance your gameplay. Its versatility and powerful features make it a must-try for any Titan looking to maximize their impact in both PvP and PvE. Experiment with different builds and settings to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle.