The Elder Scrolls:High King Emeric

High King Emeric


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                 “Our supplies dwindle. Our trade routes shut down.
                                       Our people suffer.
                Why? Because a pretender sits upon the Ruby Throne.
                      Let us take up arms! Let the fields of Cyrodiil
                   run red with the blood of   our  fallen  enemies!

But let us spare the lives of a few, so that they may return to their homelands to

    tell their fellows the fate they met at the hands of the Daggerfall Covenant!

One Land! One Emperor!

Who among you will stand with me?”

                                                                             ―High King Emeric’s Call to Arms
·Emeric was originally a merchant lord from High Rock. His shrewd policies and masterful diplomacy helped establish an alliance with the Redguards and a war treaty with the Orsimer promising their homeland provincial status. This earned him the trust of the kings of High Rock and he rose to the position of High King.
·He rules from Wayrest in High Rock.

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