Unbelievable Skyrim Mod Lets You Use Dishonored‘s Powers

Have you ever, while playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, thought, “This is great, but what it really needs is Blink from Dishonored?” If so, you are probably me. Or maybe you are Madrilous, the clever person behind a new Skyrim mod called Gifts of the Outsider.

Gifts of the Outsider adds six new abilities to the PC version of Skyrim, all from Dishonored: Bend Time, Void Gaze, Possession, Wind Blast, Devouring Swarm… and Blink.

Oh yes. Blink.

This makes me so happy.

This mod adds the six signature abilities of Dishonored into Skyrim through a quest featuring fully voice acted Outsider.

The spells are as follows:

*Blink: Leap across distances instantaneously.
*Void Gaze: See in darkness and detect beings through walls
*Devouring Swarm: Summon a horde of rats to distract or kill your opponents
* Possession: Take control of a being, appearing directly behind them once the effect has ended.
*Wind Blast: Blast away your opponents with a powerful gust of wind.
*Bend Time: Slow time to a crawl for everyone but yourself. Great for escaping a difficult situation.

You can begin the quest by heading to abandoned houses on the shores of Lake Honrich, west of Riften.

If you wish to add the spells without completing the quest then simply use the help command from the console menu. Use help “<spell name here>” to return the spell id. Then use player.addspell <spell id here> to add it.

You can download the mod right here.

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