Elder Scrolls Online Crafting System Revealed

Some light has finally been shed on the Gathering and Crafting system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players will notice a familiar mechanic in ESO, in regards to rummaging for items around the world in various different crates and boxes. It is similar to what was used in the BioShock series where items could be found just by searching various containers found throughout the game.


From the very beginning players will be able to find numerous items that will be useful for the game’s crafting system. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and many other types of items that can be picked up from baskets in town can be used in many different recipes for different crafting skills.

The crafting system goes beyond just looting items and combining them for bigger and better items. Several different gathering mechanics give The Elder Scrolls Online a gathering system to actually look forward to. Fishing for example, players will be able to use all kinds of different bait, allowing them to catch different types of fish and compete with friends for the biggest catch.

harvest nimroot

Lockpicking is also used in The Elder Scrolls Online, chests will be placed in various spots throughout the map and require the player to complete a small lockpicking “mini-game”. Unlocking more chests will increase the player’s lockpicking level, allowing them to receive better rewards from higher level chests.

There will be enchanting tables, smithing anvils, cooking ranges and more to explore with the ESO crafting system, and it is definitely one more aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online to look forward to when the game is released.

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