Feature: Weakest Enemies from The Elder Scrolls Series

The Elder Scrolls games are epic and a contributing factor to said epicness(?) is the enemies that you encounter throughout Bethesda’s lovingly crafted worlds. However, it’s not all Giants, Dragons & Daedra. There is a lighter side to the enemies of Tamriel.

Join us as we look at the Weakest Enemies from The Elder Scrolls Series.


The humble Mudcrab (or Mudcrap as the cool kids refer to them). These little fellows never really presented much of a problem for adventurers, until Skyrim. They received a bit of an upgrade in strength there, as well as the ability to blend in with rocks.

However, this did little to improve their overall fighting prowess & thus they remained more of an occasional annoyance, than a worth foe.

My best Mudcrab moment was watching a band of crabs attempting to take a
Mammoth. Did someone order Crab Pâté?

TES - Mudcrab


Possibly the weakest enemy you’ll encounter in the wilderness. These little pests don’t scale with the player, meaning that they don’t get stronger as you level up. Their northern cousins, the Skeever, are remotely stronger but still no match for Dawnbreaker. Or any other weapon for that matter.

Having said all that, I was still slightly terrified whenever I found on in the Imperial Sewers at the start of Oblivion. I’ve never admitted that.

TES - Rat


Not much is known about the Will-o-the-Wisp except that they are some of the most infuriating creatures in the series. They appear in the wilderness as little ball of light, then proceed to zap you and drain your magicka. They’re also pretty hard to fight as they have a tendency to disappear at will & can only be combated by magic or silver weapons.

Though these little spirit-ball creatures have no face, it’s obvious that they are mocking you at every turn. Always mocking. Particularly when you decide to give up on fighting them and head for the hills. Not great for your adventurer street-cred and yet another embarrassing defeat to explain in the Tavern.



Imagine a winged little Leprechaun that is nearly impossible to hit. Add to that the ability to fire random elemental spells with alarming accuracy and you have an Imp.

They are not particularly strong, but a swarm of these can be a bit of a menace to adventurer-types. If only there was a stall that sold enchanted fly-swats. They’d make a fortune!

TES - Imp


These little fellows are no real issue in isolation but have a tendency to travel in war-bands & colonize random caves. There are also several different tribes, which have a tendency to get into scraps if they encounter one another.

It’s possible to encourage these little skirmishes by stealing a tribe’s sacred totem and planting it in a rival Goblin camp. Hours of fun!

Unfortunately the Goblins didn’t show their cheeky little faces in Skyrim (apparently they’re allergic to snow!) but you can bet your last Septim that they’ll make an appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online.

TES - Goblins

So these are our Weakest Enemies from The Elder Scrolls Series. A motley crew indeed.  Let us know if you’re in agreement, or some of your toughest enemies via the comment below.

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