The Elder Scrolls Online hosts lore limerick contest

The Elder Scrolls Online hosts lore limerick contest

There once was a High Elf from Tamriel / whose foppishness the villagers did tell / she had many fears / about bees flying in her ears / and thus plugged them with honey so well.

Think you can do better? Bethesda is hoping you can, which is why the studio is hosting a “lore limerick” contest for potential players of The Elder Scrolls Online. Fans can submit a single limerick about Elder Scrolls lore to the team by August 31st.

Winning warrior poets will receive several different TESO prizes, including canvased and signed concept art, t-shirts, and a mention on the official TESO Facebook page. The contest is restricted to US and European residents who are 18 or older.


The difference is that it was clear from the Manifesto video and interviews that Arenanet’s devs knew what they were doing, and had a bold vision, whether someone agrees with that vision is another thing, but Zenimax’s spokesmen have been blundering idiots from the beginning, from un-inspired and tired rhetoric reminiscent of Bioware’s during SWTOR’s development to whining about how features that many TES fans want are “too hard” to implement, they don’t inspire faith and trust the way that Arenenet does. This may not reflect of the final product that much, but it’s the main reason for the hate. 


Many features of GW2 such as the very complex dynamic events where a great challenge to Arenanet’s crew but they rose to the challenge. Zenimax do not inspire us with heroic deeds, and at best offer a pvp structure from 10 yrs ago, that will be pretty common within a year, and given how mmo’s being disappointing is the norm, you need more than mediocrity to generate optimism these days, or even the benefit of the doubt.

Space CobraSpace Cobra

There once was a company named Zenimax,

who claimed their future profits would come in sacks!

A big fight did start,

with fans that called Skyrim “High Art”,

and it all started at a convention named PAX!


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