The Elder Scrolls Online lead deals with differences between the MMO and single-player RPGs

The Elder Scrolls Online lead deals with differences between the MMO and singleplayer RPGs

With all of the excitement over The Elder Scrolls Online’s beta signups, Game Director Matt Firor has his hands full adjusting the expectations of those used to single-player Elder Scrolls titles. Firor danced around several specific questions by The PA Report on how the MMO would tackle the world, heroism, guilds, and politics in comparison to the single-player games.

Firor expanded a bit on how the team is putting together the larger world of Tamriel, especially the areas yet unseen by single-player gamers: “The Elder Scrolls IP is very down-to-earth and gritty, so we had to take the traditional ‘these are High Elves’ fantasy visuals — tall towers, white marble, landscaped terrain — and merge them with the grittier and more medieval-realistic (there are poor High Elf farmers, etc.). It came together very well.”

He said that while players won’t always be at the center of attention, game NPCs will recognize great deeds and instancing will be used for important moments. One thing that won’t happen as in the single-player titles is for characters to become the heads of game guilds (as opposed to player guilds). Firor also hinted that the Emperor of the world will be based on player PvP performance, but declined to give any further specifics.


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