The Elder Scrolls:Mega Server

Elder Scrolls Online is going to use new server technology. ZeniMax call it Mega Server. What does that mean?

Every MMO player usually faces with one big problem: you want to play but your favorite servers are occupied and you have to wait. It is a traditional situation that can be seen in most online games. Such situation is sad because you have to wait until free place appears. Moreover, overloaded and overpopulated servers work very slow. It is difficult to fight against monsters and against other players. It becomes impossible to win PvP because of lags and delays. Empty servers are faster but it is boring o play there. Familiar situation, isn’t it?

Modern MMO games do all they can to merge different realms into one system to make the game better. Cross-realm raids and battlegrounds, cross-realm chats and player transfers are examples of how game developers are trying to solve the problem of separated servers. Such innovations make the gameplay more interesting. But old-school concept of building separated servers is not the best way for modern MMO games.

Zenimax-Online are going to use new server technology called MegaServer. This technology will solve all problems of old-school server concept.
What is MegaServer?

Megaserver is a new scaling server technology that allows to house all players on one server but in different worlds. The main feature of the technology is flexibility. It allows to maintain the same amount of players in a particular “world”.

It is not one server. No, it is group of servers with modern hardware that work together. ZeniMax does not tell details about how Mega Server works. It is their secret and we will be able to see everything with our own eyes. Developers say that MegaServer uses all modern server technologies and innovations.
How it works?

When you want to enter the game no server list appears. You just click “Play” and you are in Tamriel. All players are housed on one “mega server” but in several separated worlds. These worlds are not stable. The system can add new players to the existing worlds or can merge several worlds with few players. It is a great technology that sets new MMO standard.

Here is the example of how the system works. Imagine that an area can house 500 people before being overcrowded (it is just an example to understand mechanism, so the numbers are not real). And at the peak times there can be 10, 20, 30 or more such separated areas with 500 players in each. At quieter times, the ‘mega server’ can merge such areas together to maintain the world active. That means your area will never look empty. You will be able to find players any time in the morning or evening. It will be interesting to play in any time of the day.

MegaServer solves problems of empty cities, empty dungeons, overcrowded areas, overcrowded servers and many more. Elder Scrolls Online will give you next generation MMO experience.

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