Play Civilization V on an Elder Scrolls map

Tamriel is uniformly about the second or third fictional realm to drift into the ambitious heads of prospective mod makers, just behind permanent mind’s-eye fixture Middle-earth. As such, just as there’s a Westeros in Minecraft, you can bet there’s an Elder Scrolls mod for Civilization V. As it happens, there are at least three good ones knocking about Steam’s Workshop.

The allure of kingchris20’s Elder Scrolls Civilization pack is its 12 races, replete with custom diplomacy screens for each. It comes in both Gods and Kings and vanilla Civ flavours, though you’ll be missing out on a host of unique units, buildings, traits, promotions, and wonders with the latter.

AdjutantXReflex’s Tamriel: The First Era tackles a similar idea via a different angle, drawing upon Bethesda’s extensive lore to historically distance itself from events of the series a la The Old Republic. The result? Peculiarities like city-state Fort Frostmoth, due to eventually become Solstheim in time for Skyrim. And while The First Era hosts only ten races, each comes with a characteristic starting trait. Cyrodiil, for instance, begins the game with quadruple the usual gold in accordance with their relative prosperity.

Blacklight2207’s Tamriel Scenario Map Pack comes with the option to play out the events of The Elder Scrolls Online – pitting The Aldmeri Dominion (Summerset Isle, Valenwood, Elsyweyr), against the Daggerfall Covenant (High rock, Hammerfell, Orsinium), and the Ebonheart Pact (Skyrim, Blackmarsh, Morrowind). Its Cyrodiil, meanwhile, is made up entirely of city-states.

Tamriel proves a good match for Civ, what with its regular themes of subjugation and civil war. Do let us know which of these you get stuck into, won’t you?

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