The Elder Scrolls Online:All pretty much new of real-time combat

ZeniMax TESO's realtime combat 'is all pretty much new'

If ZeniMax seems a bit defensive about The Elder Scrolls Online, you can hardly blame the company. Since its announcement this spring, the upcoming MMO has been met with a steady chorus of fan disapproval due to perceived similarities with other themepark fantasy MMOs.

In a new interview with Kotaku, ZeniMax head honchos Matt Firor and Paul Sage attempt to accentuate the positive and differentiate TESO from its genre competitors. “When people sit down and play it, they’ll realize it’s different. Like our whole real-time combat system of blocking and dodging is all pretty much new,” Firor explains.

Firor also comes out swinging vis-à-vis the notion that TESO is nothing more than a World of Warcraft analog. “Making an MMO is making an MMO. I worked in the industry before World of Warcraft, so I can tell you that World of Warcraft had a lot of influences from a lot of games. Our priority is to make a great game and not to make a clone of anything,” he says.


What the hell is wrong with you so-called ‘fans’ of this series?? Look,people,if you ARE a loyal fan of TES,then this should be something you WANT,..not something you warn the developers that they must do exactly to your specs.You sound like oyu dont plan to give them the benefit of the doubt.If you were such huge fans of Morrowind,Oblivion,and Skyrim,you wouldnt be acting like this about it.I,for one,am totally excited,and will not diss these people for bringing it to me in it’s whole new form. It took a massive amount of work for them to morph those games into one big one.Let’s see you do it the way you are demanding it to be.What, takers? I thought not.


To Matt and Paul:  The game has been in development for five years.  You want to win the fans over, show us what you have in live game demos.  Until then accept the criticism because your PR so far has sucked.  The TES franchise is beloved by the fans and gamers are tired of the same old MMO crap.  Not to mention, a beloved game called KOTOR was turned into an MMO that many fans of the original RPG have become very disappointed.  We just don’t want a bad Elder Scrolls Game.  Even people who worked on the franchise at Bethesda didn’t think this was a good idea, so how do you expect the fans to react?


No one knows much about the game yet, so I can’t really give a yay or nay. That’s certain. Still, if they’re going for a “you are the hero, play alone” deal, as they said they are in numerous other interviews, I can disregard this game. Might give a free trial a chance, or jump on board a bit if it (almost inevitably, nowadays) goes free-to-play, but I’d really like a game that lets the players determine who the “heroes” are, and the open-ended world of Elder Scrolls would have been a good opportunity to do just that. Then again, the community is usually just as bad or worse as determining worth in people.

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