Elder Scrolls Online devs talk questing and public dungeons

The Elder Scrolls Online concept art

There are a couple of new Elder Scrolls Online features on tap at Edge. First on the agenda is a piece about the game’s public dungeons, which game director Matt Firor says haven’t been seen in an MMO since EverQuest. “When you think back to the fun MMOG moments in the first generation, it’s standing there, terrified, in an enclosed space, waiting for someone to come along and save you. We can’t do that punitive gameplay that they did in those days, but we can put people together in places where they want to work with others,” Firor says.

The other feature centers on the game’s questing mechanics, and it finds Firor and creative director Paul Sage talking at length about what makes a good quest as well as various high-level creative approaches taken by the dev team.



“We can’t do that punitive gameplay that they did in those days”

Can’t??? Poor choice of words…


Lollypops included lol

Heck yeah, EQ dungeons were once brutal, fantastic stuff!! :Why talk about how great it was then say it won’t be done? *confused*


What if I don’t want to play with other people?? What if I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for mediocre gameplay? Can I still get the game?
….Didn’t think so. Add me to the list of gamers who want nothing to do with this.
Diablo sort of breaks the MMO “fee” genre. Why pay monthly to play with friends when you can do so for free on games like Diablo, Torchlight, etc? not to mention TONs of FPS(Borderlands, anyone?) games….There’s really no reason to shell out money every month for something like this.. Unless of course, the game was free to begin with, then I can understand.. Monthly fee of Retail price, not both, IMO.

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