The Elder Scrolls Online previews characters, more in new trailers

We’re expecting big things out of The Elder Scrolls Online during this year’s E3, and to kick things off, Bethesda and ZeniMax have unveiled a new teaser trailer that shows off a small sampling of the characters players can look forward to taking control of when they get their hands on the game. While it’s not exactly gameplay footage, perhaps the new video will assuage fans who are uncertain about the game’s art direction. That, or it will enrage them further.

At any rate, the sample characters run the gamut of what you would expect from The Elder Scrolls: big bearded dude with an axe, sultry elven spellcaster, cloaked assassin — you get the idea. The video’s short and doesn’t serve as much except for eye-candy, but if you’re voracious for new TESO tidbits, it’s definitely worth a look. Just head past the cut for the full trailer, and be sure to check back later this week for a chat with the folks behind the upcoming title.


I can see that the people posting here arent fans of the Elder Scrolls series of games,..or just played them as any other games. Most of the people who want this do so because they are long standing fans and players of the  games,mostly Morrowind and Oblivion. Those fan bases have been going strong since 2002,and we are so very excited to see that our favorite world has come of age in the MMO arena.I dont think any of us will care if this person being interviewed is nervous,or isnt loved by the cameras.He isnt there to look hot or be charismatic.He is there to let fans know that what they have been asking Bethedsa for,for many years now,has come to fruition. Finally,.. :(. I’ll be glad to pay for the online playtime.More so than World of Warcraft,because after less than a year,i was bored with it. The Elder Scrolls has never bored me,and I still play Morrowind,..along with Skyrim,The Witcher 1&2,and a couple of other games.

Personally,I dont care if the trailer looks “pedestrian”. I thought pedestrian was a random person on the street,..not a descriptive word. Perhaps ardwulfslair,..who used the word,..meant to say Generic.


It quite amuses me how people, myself included, have to compare and contrast games to either boast or ridicule the success or failure of said game.  “This game looks like that game.  This game plays like that game.  This game has better [insert whatever here] than that game. etc. etc.”  I think we need to just let the game be what it is and judge it upon its own merit.
Unfortunately for this game however, It has a single-player fanbase(again, myself included), that is afraid the title will be a flop and leave a bad mark on the franchise.  Not to mention and its certainly understandable thinking, that they might just pull resources away from any future single player titles to work on the mmo.
So what do you do?  I don’t know either.. why do you think I’m here? ;D
As for graphics and gameplay.. whether they look like other games or not, really doesn’t concern me.  What does concern me is gameplay and fun factor.  If I have to play something that looks like WoW to have fun so be it, or Guild Wars, or Rift, or Warhammer, or Skyrim, or Oblivion, etc.
I like PVP.  I like traditional questing.  I like dynamic events.  I like to try new things.  I’m a bit of an explorer.  I’m a bit of a lore buff.  I’m a bit of a loner some times.  I like to do things with friends/guildies.  If you can give me a game that gives me a reason to dive head first into all of these categories than quite literally, it will be my favorite game.

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