Bethesda confirms The ESO MMO, three-faction PvP

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Well, one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets has been officially put to rest courtesy of Game Informer. There is in fact an Elder Scrolls MMO in the works, and ZeniMax Online has chosen the print magazine for its initial reveal.

Despite a professed lack of interest in MMOs from Elder Scrolls notable Todd Howard, the project has been ongoing for a number of years now, according to the game’s first press release. The dev team is headed up by Matt Firor, known primarily to gamers for his work on Dark Age of Camelot. Like DAoC, the new Elder Scrolls title will feature three-faction PvP. We’ll keep you updated as Bethesda releases additional details.



This is great news!  The ES series was my favorite single player RPG game back when I played single player RPGs.  Since I started playing MMOs a couple of years ago, for some reason a single player game can no longer keep my attention for more than a couple of hours.  When Skyrim came out I was at Walmart at midnight waiting to purchase my copy, even bought the book because I was so excited.  Took it home and played a few hours and got bored.  Same with Dragon Age, only ended up playing for a couple of hours.

I guess I just need to play with a bunch a people in order to enjoy a game now a days.  It’s strange though because I tend to only do solo content….  Is there a psychiatrist here that can explain why I’m like this????


I’m actually really pumped for this and to see Matt Firor finally in action again! It’s really off setting to see so many people against this. Everytime I play Skyrim or any other Elder Scroll’s game, the first thing I think is “Man this would be great with a buddy.”

I mean Matt was the mind behind DAOC I also read somewhere that the man who wrote Mass Effect 1 and 2’s story is writing the script.  (forgot his name) If thats true, you have 2 corners covered Story and Concept. If they can  flesh out the gameplay this will be a gem.

Even if it fails I’m sure you fanboy’s will still have your Elderscrolls single player games coming out lol. So just calm down and lets see this through, it might fail or it might be the next coming heck id totally accept somewhere in the middle there :P.

Go Mr. Firor 🙂

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