The ESO plans to update early and often

At least you'll have quantity.

Players will be waiting until next year for The Elder Scrolls Online, but the development team is already looking to the post-launch environment. Creative director Paul Sage has stated that the team wants to have new content coming out for the game on a frequent basis. Sage emphasizes that players should always feel that something new and exciting is just around the corner, considering that many players will be chewing through launch content with lightning speed.

The game’s story will also be expanded post-release. A conclusion for the main story will be present in the game on release, but Sage states that it’s simply a springboard into something bigger and better for the future. When asked about launch dates, Sage stated that the team cannot promise simultaneous release on all platforms, although the current target date for all incarnations of the game is spring of 2014.



MMO players have already learned that if developers do not deliver what they “wanted” to do…

…their excuse will be  in form of a  bright-coloured text as to why they have not delivered.

What I do know FOR SURE is that if you are a fan of Elder Scrolls, this will be the most water-downed version you have ever played in your life.


Bethesda games, and Elder Scrolls in particular, have always been perfectly suited for a seamless transition to the MMO genre: vast virtual landscapes filled with hundreds of generic-looking NPC’s—voiced by a total of three actors (plus INSERT MINOR HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY HERE) spouting out poorly written dialogue as they hand you a multitude of boring, uninspired trash-quests—recycled art-assets, floaty controls, character clipping, clunky combat, broken camera angles, and bugs, bugs, and more bugs…

And still they somehow managed to garner widespread “critical acclaim” (I’ll let you figure out how, exactly).

If Bethesda managed to con entire masses of people into gobbling up their atrocious single-player games, imagine what they’ll do with a massively multiplayer game that in all likelihood will be considerably superior to all their single player outings (considering it’s being developed by Zenimax).

Make no mistake, it’s going to be a phenomenal success.

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