Bethesda wants online play without Xbox Gold or PS Plus

Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation console online play surcharge, Bethesda hopes to play MMO Gold Xbox or PlayStation can this category.

Under current conditions, the Elder Scrolls Online will need two consoles: a Sony or Microsoft paid access to online games, and another payment of ZeniMax / Bethesda subscription access to the game itself.

OXM lead game designer Nick Konkle Bethesda Softworks marketing manager Peter Hynes solve the dilemma, confirm ZeniMax and Bethesda have discussed the case with Microsoft.

We have been in discussions with Microsoft, players agree that Oblivion only online payment rather than pay the Xbox Live Gold subscription, which, Microsoft’s response is that this is their job, but for some things we still want to stick to their ideas

The Elder Scrolls Online Game Director confirmed last week that the MMO will be charged a monthly fee.

“Charge a monthly subscription fee (or subscription) means that we will offer players the game, we set out to make, and the fans want to play, which means we have to make sacrifices and change, we are not with any other models’ T willing to do, “Firor said.

2014 The Elder Scrolls Online will launch PC, Mac and a Microsoft Xbox and PS4.

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