The designer Maria Aliprando talks about Elder Scrolls Online

” I think that when we say that this is the next Elder Scrolls game people are beginning to believe that we ( laughs ) And in fact this is the next Elder Scrolls game is the next chapter of the story even though it was a thousand years before the events of the sky . ”

“We know this will be a very big thing , to be honest playing it , it feels very different when you play it in the third person’s reason, when you are playing you have a third-person overview of the world , you can see all around, this is probably the best PVP view, you can see the players attack you from behind . ”

“Most of the traditional enemies of the Elder Scrolls games are in front of you , is there behind you , so you can continue to go back . Where in our game, you will not be able to do the first one , but what is really interesting first-person , when you zoom in the world is just a perception becomes very close , and when you shut down everything, just visceral feeling you just get lost in picking up the bottle , open the box , picking someone in their home in the drawer . true the Elder Scrolls games drove home feeling , we know that it is very important, but we do not know until we started to play its great not just perception, it gave , but the emotional impact it brings the game. ”

Speaking along the way , what is the future after the release of the Elder Scrolls Online Aliprando moved.

“We have a very active schedule as much as possible the introduction of updated game go first thing to go will be the judicial system, so , for example, now you can eat bread and bottles off the table , no one will stop you some FO , nobody will, and you ‘re talking about. justice system will be part of the system , making it feel a little more like the experience you expect , we will put the Dark Brotherhood and the thieves Guild . immediate Mages Guild and fighters Guild come in, they have full the skills and a full line of questlines , so we put the Dark Brotherhood and the thieves Guild , they will also get their entire story and the entire questlines Therefore, as the game continues to grow , you can increase your character, and so once you hit 50 , is just math parking spots , but you may only have about 30% of your skill at this point , you can compare all the skills likely to get in the game . “

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