Elderscrolls love story

Many friends like play the game  elderscrolls, but what do u know about it ? what u always  do is buying elderscrolls gold ,then log in game start enjoy it ? have  u ever thought  there is a sad love story about it ? today we will share the sad story  with u .


elderscrolls Stormhaven
elderscrolls Stormhaven

I think everyone know the planet named Nirn , the story is about it.
Long long ago , nearly the the first of the world , there are only Anu and Padomay live on the world , Later, Nir appeared,  Anu and Padomay all  very like Nir, but Nir just like Anu then they fallen in love.Anu later gave birth to many children and create a lot of things,as well as  creating twelve of the world, Padomay was jealous of them and got love to hate, he killed nir destoried verything on the 12 wolrd.Anu lost his lover a protracted war lancuhed between Anu and padomay, at last they killers each others Pa Duomei spill blood into the devil (daedra) and Anu blood into the Holy Spirit (aedra). , before the death of Anu .he exile Padomay outside space, but he  inadvertently re-save the twelve world, so Anu  re-build the wreckage of twelve of the world together in a simple way , so Nirn was born .

That is a really moved love story about elder scrolls.everyone needs love and loved but we should  express our love in a correcy way.  after reading about the story , do u like the elderscolls game more ?

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