The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim offers u an excellent new areas to explore

The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim excelled at providing a vast array of different environments to explore. The role-playing game’s first downloadable add-on, Dawnguard , ups the ante. One of this mini-expansion’s greatest joys is its new areas .You investigate a portion of the oblivion realm, which has an otherworldly beauty , and travel through a chilly glacial retreat replete with gorgeous waterfalls and frozen lakes. You traverse suspended walkways and fight pointy-eared falmer upon them,and get swept away by rushing waters too strong to struggle against .Dawnguard is lovely and atmospheric ,and traveling these new regions is a pleasure.

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The Dawnguard referred to in the title is a faction of vampire hunters out to expel the bloodsuckers from the land. Once the new quest line is initiated (by speaking to guards, or by the sudden appearance of a courier), you set off to speak with this ancient order. Soon, you must make a decision: side with the Dawnguard or ally with the vampires themselves. In either case, the main quest line sends you through most of the same areas with most of the same goals, though the details differ, and there are plenty of faction-specific side quests to take on. There is a nice slice of vampire family drama that provides intriguing and thoughtful context, though as is ever the case with Skyrim, Dawnguard is more about making your own adventure than getting swept up in a linear stor


In many ways, roving as a vampire lord is a treat. The form is visually striking (you cannot play as a vampire lord in first-person view), and the array of vicious attacks can make you feel deliciously evil. It’s grotesque fun to fling a falmer around, or to raise a gargoyle from the dead and have him join the fray. It’s also a joy to take wing and glide: it’s faster than sprinting, and you get a nice stamina boost to keep you floating forward. But transforming has its downsides. Many areas, including the first ones you visit after earning the ability, have tight passageways that you can’t fit through as a vampire lord. It’s an odd disconnect between the level design and a new feature you’ll want to play with as soon as you have it. As a result, you frequently morph between normal and lord forms, which can be an annoyance. It takes several seconds for the transformation to even begin after you hit the associated bumper, making you wonder if your button tap even worked. After that, there’s still a long animation to wait through, during which the game stutters.


The Elderscrolls V :Skyrim did offer a very excellent new areas to explore ,and make us enjoy a number of great individual moments, Being a vampire lord can make u feel gleefully evil .Despite its many bugs it really worth your try. Here Elderscroll4gold , u can buy very cheap price elderscrolls V:Skyrim gold. Let’s being a powerful vampire to explore new areas 🙂

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