“The Elder Scrolls ” the official said that it would strengthen the fight against flu


Recently, “The Elder Scrolls ” chief game designer Nick Konkle in the foreign media interview, discussed about the game features, mechanisms, and other interesting content with reporters.

Reporters on several issues of concern to communities most players made ??the inquiry, and previous generations of the “Elder Scrolls” compared to why this generation of gaming operation feeling very “Gone with the Wind”? Whether the game will be added to the arena and duel function? The game will have a rare and unique devices?

Nick Konkle said game players feel bad problems raised only appear in the game early testing stage, and the production team has been working to strengthen the game against flu. In addition, the arena will not be released at the beginning of the game to add, it may be added in a later expansion pack. As for rare equipment, until after the full level players, the experience of the game content, will have access to a very unique and rare equipment.

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