Elder Scrolls Online player emperors will gain a permanent skill set

Are you wondering what you’ll get when you become emperor of Elder Scrolls Online — other than a fancy suit of armor, that is?

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The Official Xbox Magazine discovered that player emperors will gain a skill line that they will retain for the rest of their time in the game. The skills will persist even if the position of emperor is lost, although the skills will be toned down somewhat in that case.

Becoming emperor won’t be easy, however (as if you thought otherwise). To do so, a player will need to do a heckuva lot of PvP to gain alliance points. If a player’s alliance conquers all of the keeps around the Imperial City and that player has the most alliance points when it happens, he or she will be crowned emperor.

Emperors ascend to the throne through bloodlines. The title is usually handed from father to son, upon the death of the former.The title has been handed to dowagers of Emperors, most notably Katariah.In the absence of an heir, the Empires successions were different, during the time of the Second Empire the Akaviri Potentate ruled in the Emperors stead.During the Third Empire the Elder Council elected a Potentate to rule in the Emperor’s place until a suitable alternative can be crowned.

To be a emperor,it needs u own powerful skill .So the TESO gold is the currency of the realm ,and to reach the highest levels , u need a lot of it.U use gold to buy stronger weapons,more powerful armor,level your skills up and learn trade skills,all of which can add up powerful skill to help u to be a emperor .

With the new permanent skill set on hand.The emperor will become more popular and attractive to elderscrolls players .

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