Templar guide will give you play the Elder scrolls online support

ESO power leveling
ESO power leveling

The Templar guide is considered as the best tanking class in the Elder Scrolls Online from its impenetrable defense and sun magic at disposal to bolster allies or smite enemies. For starters, the Templar gameplay is very similar to a paladin or crusader in other MMO in the ways of how the class interacts directly with other characters.

The Tank Support
The tank support is a front-line fighter whose role is to draw aggro from monsters while supporting the party with buffs and healing skills. As a tank support you should use heavy armor and a shield, and invest any points you can spare into health to increase your survivability. Orismer and Redguard are both ideal races for this kind of elder scrolls templar class as they gain increased experience in heavy armor and shield affinity respectively. The Orismer further benefits from increased health and health regeneration, while the Redguard gets bonuses to stamina and stamina regeneration.

In combat use Focused Charge to engage enemies. Resist the temptation to load up on offensive skills, remember your priority should be protecting and supporting your teammates. Since you’ll be in the middle of the fight, you can make the most effective use of spells like Healing Ritual and Right of Passage.

If you’re looking to get into tanking for PvE game play, consider dipping into the Aedric Spear skill line first for easier ESO power leveling in eso then branching off into Dawn’s Wrath for the AoE spells which will help mitigate lots of unwanted damage. Regardless of your choice, make sure to get a blend of spells that compliment each other perfectly for your role.

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