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elder scrolls gold
elder scrolls gold

As adult gamers, MMOs present distinct dilemmas to us. Unlike offline games, they are held in a persistent world that lives and breathes even when we’re offline. That means while we’re trapped within the confines of a cubicle during the day, members of our guild (or clan, or party) are turned off level grinding. While we’re sleeping, they’re questing and buying epic gear. While we’re eating, they’re eating… only in front of their computer screen.

It seems the only way to even the odds with our virtual friends is the responsibility of our real world cash to our character’s advantage. Purchasing virtual currency with real world cash has become practice since the MMOs of old. The main problem you’ll encounter is a possibility that gold-buying is completely unregulated. Unlike ‘games’ like Second Life, purchasing elder scrolls gold is strictly against ESO’s terms of service agreement. Bethesda doesn’t regulate it because they don’t condone it. You’ll experience expensive wallet-breaking rates, as well as rates that are thrift-store cheap.

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