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The Templar, one of the playable classes for those looking to get into the Elder Scrolls Online, is a class that is designed to use the burning sun and light magic to diminish the health of his enemies while also using restoration spells to keep his allies alive. It is essentially the paladin of the world of Tamriel, also granting the ability to use weapons for more direct damage. Templar comes with a special group of light- and sun-based attacks to restore their stamina, restore magical and bring their enemies back to optimal health.

What would players expect Templar, who is most like a paladin in the Elder Scrolls series? These players are designed to properly protect and health groups, and this is exactly what is possible with the light restoring tree. If you are interested in playing as a healer, this is the appropriate class to do just that as you can heal your allies rapidly while also considerably decreasing how much ruin your allies will take during a battle. Referring to elderscrolls4gold.com, the light restoring tree will definitely become one of the most important of the group regardless of whether you are playing through massive PvE battles or attempting to support allies in a player versus player environment.

In all, it is the ability to treat that makes the Templar an interesting class more than any other. Perhaps most notable is the fact that healing spells do not have any kind of cool down, allowing you to hear both your allies and yourself as fast as you can cast them. You’re also not limited to healing as you can deliver high magical damage, such as through Sun Strike: a basic magic attack that deals light-based damage to enemies and does not use up much magical. To learn more click here!

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