Grahtwood Treasure Map Locations Guide

Once you see all there is to see in Auridon your next destination is Grahtwood zone. It is available for Aldmeri Dominion players level 16-22. In this zone you can obtain six Treasure Maps and additional Grahtwood CE Treasure Map, which is available as bonus only to those that pre-purchased the CE edition of the game.

There are several ways to acquire a map, but don’t forget that drop probability is very low:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • you can buy them in a guild store 

After getting a hold of a map you will have to find where the treasure chest is buried based on a sketch that displays if you use the treasure map item in your inventory. This sketch is a similar replica of the area surrounding the spot where you should dig for treasure. The place where the chest is hidden is always covered with a dirt mound. You MUST have the treasure map in your inventory in order to see the digging spot. If you leave it in the bank, digging spot will not appear..

Grahtwood Treasure Map I

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map I

  • Southwest part of the eastern shore of Grahtwood
  • Head north from Southpoint Wayshrine towards Nindaerl’s Perch.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Grahtwood Treasure Map II

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map II

  • Slightly to the east of the central part of the map
  • East of Elden Root Temple Wayshrien. Directly across the river from Outside Inn’s island.

Screenshot Walkthrough

We would like to thank Sheex and Kranax for sending us the screenshots

Grahtwood Treasure Map III

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map III

  • In the central part of the map
  • At the falls North of Elden Root Temple Wayshrine in Grahtwood

Screenshot Walkthrough

We would like to thank stabbykitteh and Xeromex for additional information and screenshot.

Grahtwood Treasure Map IV

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map IV

  • North part of the map
  • Head south easth of the “Poacher Camp” rare mob boss, and down the small cliff. It is before the roads and not near water (which the map makes it look like). Looking south you’ll see a circle of stones. If you look on your map you’ll be due west of Laeloria
  • We would like to thank ninj_a and sokol42 for additional information 

Grahtwood Treasure Map V

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map V

  • Northwest part of the map
  • Use Gil-Var-Delle Wayshrine, and head north. Right across from graveyard you will spot a huge rock. Look for digging spot at the base of the rock.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Grahtwood Treasure Map VI

eso Grahtwood Treasure Map VI

  • In the central part of the map, west of the Elden Root
  • From Elder Root head northwest towards Burroot Kwama Mine public dungeon. Before you reach it you will come across ruins. Treasure chest is hidden next to the wall of the central ruin.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Grahtwood CE Treasure Map

eso Grahtwood CE Treasure Map

  • On a small island on the west Grahtwood coast
  • You will see ruins on the island and shining “Among ancient words in the stones” skyshard among them. Go around behind the ruins, and you will find digging spot next to the wall.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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