Mounts – full guide in The Elder Scrolls Online

When you start playing ESO you have to travel on foot. In the beginning, it is interesting to take your time to explore and observe the world but sooner or later you will find out that you want to travel faster. Especially in Cyrodiil when you need to help your alliance to protect a keep that is under attack. You will not be able to teleport to such keep and a mount may help you a lot.

There will be only one type of mount when the game is released – horses. However, developers plan to add other types of mounts in later updates.

Where do you get a Mount?

You can buy a horse in a stable. Stables aren’t difficult to find, they can be found in all the main cities of Tamriel. You will be able to identify this building by the stall and horses inside. Simply talk to stableman and you will be able to see all the horses available.

The cheapest mount is 17 200 gold and you are not restricted by level to be able to purchase it. All you need is to have enough gold.

There is a way to get a mount for only 100 gold – if you buy the Imperial Edition of the game. The Imperial White horse is just one of the exclusive bonuses you receive with this edition. Characteristics of an imperial horse are similar to the Common one, but it costs a lot less. It’s also possible to upgrade from the Standard edition to Imperial and receive all the digital bonuses including a mount.

Once you have purchased a horse, you can summon it by pressing the ‘H’ button. You can have as many mounts as you wish but can summon only one of them at a time. If you want to change a mount you need to go to a stable and change it there. Unfortunately you can’t manage mounts from your inventory.

Feeding a Mount

In the beginning your horse may not seem very beneficial. But everything changes when you start feeding it. The feeding process allows you to change certain characteristics of your mount. Here are 3 types of food you can go for:

  • Apples – increases the movement speed of the mount.
  • Hay – increases the stamina of a horse allowing it to sprint for a longer time.
  • Oats – allows it to carry more items. Horses don’t have their own inventory and your character will receive extra inventory space if you feed a mount with Oats.

You can feed a mount every 24 hours and the process is very similar to leveling. The gains are permanent and cumulative, allowing you to make a custom mount. By changing the types of food you can level your mount in a way you like. The maximum level of a mount is 50 and depending on how high their quality was at the beginning, they will have differing levels of attributes at the end.

List of Mounts

Is it possible to fight sitting on a mount?

There is no such option in Elder Scrolls Online. You can’t sit on a horse and attack enemies. Who knows, maybe such option will be added later. But you can always attack a player on a mount. It takes time to dismount and it may be your advantage.

Will mount die if someone kills me while I am sitting on it?

There may be situation when a big group of players kills you very fast even before you dismount. It will hardly happen in PvE but may happen in PvP. Your mount will not suffer from this and will not be killed. You will be able to summon it after you resurrect.

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