The Elder Scrolls Online’s releases Craglorn patch notes: Shadow Knight guide

The notes are up within a month, that's a pretty good first salvo there.

The Elder Scrolls Online hasn’t sent its first major patch to the live servers just yet, but you don’t need to wait much longer to get an idea of what the patch contains. In fact, you don’t need to wait at all; the patch notes for patch 1.1 are available now thanks to Dulfy, outlining the many changes taking place. The big centerpieces are the addition of Craglorn and trials; the former is a zone designed for four Veteran Rank 10+ characters, while the latter are two 12-person runs.

Beyond that, the patch contains a number of changes to class and weapon skill lines as well as several adjustments to the Alliance War systems. Players can also benefit from an increase of Veteran Ranks to 12 and the doubling of veteran XP from killing monsters. There’s a massive list of updates and bug fixes, as well, so avid adventurers of Tamriel would be well-served by looking at the full list of patch changesbefore everything goes live.

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