NBA 2K17 Patch Bring HDR, Bug Fixes, 4K Support And Gameplay Improvements

There is no doubt that NBA 2K17 is one of the hugest sports franchises in the video game market today, nonetheless, like plently games, it’s still fulled with glitches as well as bugs. This is why an update is set to be released, to fix and improve the game.


Game publisher 2K Games has been religiously committed to bringing nothing but the best to the “NBA 2K17” players. With the patch 1.05, the hit basketball video game will be significantly improved all throughout the gameplay. The patch is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC. At the same time, some cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale on PC or PS4 platforms.

As delightful as this news maybe for upright players of “NBA 2K17,” it is bad news for those who use cheats. As the various cheats in the game take advantage of the glitches, some of them may no longer work when the patch 1.05 fixes them.

“NBA 2K17” Patch Improvements

Perhaps the biggest improvement to “NBA 2K17” is the new HDR support for the PlayStation 4 and added compatibility with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Furthermore, the game will be running natively in 4K resolution at 60 fps in the new console.

The “NBA 2K17” patch also brings updates to specific teams. The Cavaliers court has now also been updated to match the new design, while the uniforms of the Golden State Warriors are given the #42 patch to honor the late Nate Thurmond.

The patch 1.05 also brings authenticity improvements to many uniforms and some stadiums of “NBA 2K17” as well. Also, the post-release uniforms in Play Now games are made usable upon using a custom roster. The post-release shoes will also be dynamically appearing in the game mode saves upon starting a new mode or using a custom roster. The ‘Zoom in Paint’ camera option in “NBA 2K17” can also now be toggled off when using the default broadcast camera.

For NBA 2K17 gameplay, it has received numerous changes, in addition, MyTeam Blacktop games can’t be prolonged anymore through reach-in fouls. If expected to easier to target it, and unless those who use the Pro Stick shot aiming, if the Shooting Type is set to “Real Player %,” in that way, there will now be disabled shot timing for all shots. For patch 1.05, it will be get more changes and fixes to the NBA 2K17 brought by the patch 1.05. For some fanatic players, they are bound to eagerly getting cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.