ESO Tips & Tricks: Build Your Character That Suit Your Play Style

As there are too mnay kinds of builds you can choose from The Elder Scrolls Online, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out exactly what kind of build you should go for. In this topic, we’ll give you some suggestions about how to make a good build and create the character you want.


Racial And Class Skills

As we know, Weapon and Armor Skills are arguably the most important for any build. However, before you delve into those skill sets, you first need to focus on Racial and Class Skills. You don’t have to worry too much about Class Skills so long as you selected a class you enjoy playing. These skills are set in stone and cannot be changed, so it’s a one-time decision. Racial Skills are a different matter. Each race offers unique bonuses to specific classes or skill sets. Decide how you wish to play the game, whether you want to tank, deal damage (DPS) or heal. Once you decided on your play style, select a race that complements the class or skill set that best suits that play style.

The Skill Lines

Each class has three skill lines to choose from. Each skill line allows for five Active Skills, four Passive Skills and one Ultimate Skill. You can go through every skill line, but in general, they offer varied play styles for the classes you’ve selected. If you decide that you do not like the play style you decided on, you can always switch to a different skill line.

After focusing on your race and class, we can move on to the weapons and armor. The hotbar changes when you equip a different weapon. This means you can start a battle as a DPS class, then if things start going poorly, you can switch to a staff and a new hotbar that’s geared toward healing. You can change the contents of your hotbars anytime you’re not in battle.

Unlike many other MMOs, there’s no cool-down period for your Active Skills. Active Skills must be triggered during combat in order to use them. Instead, Active Skills are ruled by your Stamina or Magicka, depending on the type of skill. As you may have guessed, magic-based skills are governed by Magicka, while melee-based skills are governed by Stamina. Passive Skills must be placed on the hotbar in order to activate them, but once they’re set on the hotbar, they’re always active. Ultimate Skills can only be used once you’ve built up your Ultimate Points through battle, and are essentially the best abilities for your class.

Armor Skills That Benefit Your Class

Every class can wear every type of armor, which means you can always learn every Armor Skill. Armor Skills are important because they can increase your defense, or restore Magicka or Stamina. You can even mix and match your armor to learn multiple skills at once. However, it’s important to focus on the skills that benefit your class of choice.

As The Elder Scrolls Online has been out now for quite some time, there are some very specific builds made by veteran players. The most important thing for you to learn the system is that you must sure how you want to play and what class you want to run with. Hope these tips can help you.