Albion Armory: Precious Experience Was Shared From Build Creator Bludlust

Guild fights, solo open world roaming, group PvE, and you are likely to find yourself in array of distinct situations in Albion Online. Today, let’s discuss about albion armory details. Bludlust, As a member of Red Army as well as the creator of the build, and he is pleasing to share some experience with all of the albion online community.

Today, we mainly talk about creation of the cursed all-rounder and build overview as well as essentially consumables in Albion Online, and more news about its armor and weapons, you can get entirely news by visiting here:


Build Overview
For Bludlust’s Cursed All-Rounder, which is a true jack-of-all-trades. In almost any situation in Albion, even if the basic build allows you to be effective for your team, however, some tiny adjustments also greatly increase its potential for certain situations.

Creation of the Cursed All-Rounder
According to Bludlust’s expounds, Bludlust begins about the creation of his build. He also realized that he was pushing myself harder than most other players in the game. He he didn’t want to play multiple builds I decided to create my own build. Over the time he have perfected it and added minor adjustments depending on the situation to be even more effective while the core playstyle always stays the same.

Consumables: Food and Potions

Improves your casting speed and cooldown reduction.
The Omelette’s cooldown reduction and improvement of cast speed helps you increase your damage and survivability.

Major Healing Potion
Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time.
As you have already plenty enough sources to sustain your energy pool, you can use the Healing Potion to keep yourself alive.

Others Tips, Tricks, and Combos
The survivability of your Ice Block and the sustain as well as the damage reduction from your Mercenary Jacket makes you more of a bruiser, and your playstyle should reflect this. Do not be afraid to engage your enemies directly. The damage you will absorb will make you an even more effective weapon in a team fight.

In a GvG, the pure pressure of your sustained damage is enough to keep the enemy’s healer busy. The only option for your enemies is to send a least one teammate to their aid. While you take on both, the rest of your team has a numbers advantage in the rest of the battle.

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