Regarding the Free Login Campaign on PlayStation3

In last year, forthcoming expansion pack Stormblood was announced. In accordance to Square Enix revealed, PS3 version will be phased out, and they will focus on PC as well as PS4. However, until now the end date is rapidly approaching, with the PS3 game set to cease operations on June 16, when Stormblood’s early access period begins. A multitude of gamers are scheduled to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in time.


Square Enix is flipping the switch, gamers can play Final Fantasy XIV for free on PlayStation 3 until the game’s servers are shut down on June 16, 2017. The final “Free Login Campaign” for PS3 will start this May 1, 2017 and will last until the service ends. Now, FFXIV Gil Is needed for all gamers.

Users with multiple platforms registered to one service account will only be eligible to play for free when logging in from the PlayStation3
Users that have registered the PlayStation3 version of Final Fantasy XIV and play using the PlayStation3

Notes Regarding the Free Login Campaign on PlayStation3
During the campaign period, players who have only registered the PlayStation3
Service accounts that have been canceled or suspended are not eligible to participate.
version without subscribing for any number of days will be unable to utilize additional services or website related features
In the event players are eligible for multiple campaigns, the number of remaining days displayed will be for the current campaign only. More details about Free Login Campaign” for PS3, you can check out more: