TESO: Morrowind – 10 Tips For Beginners

If you have not played TESO before the release of Morrowind, then these tips will certainly help you.


1. Develop As Many Different Skills As Possible

Starting the journey to Vvardenfell, put in the panel of quick skills as many different abilities from different skill bars. Even if you do not apply them, as you gain experience, they will still increase their level and the level of the Skill Lines.

2. Raise And Apply Everything

When traveling, be sure to pick up and use every kind of weapon and armor that you find. Outfitting and using weapons, you open an appropriate branch of skills for future use. The same happens when you put three pieces of armor of a certain type (light, medium or heavy) at the same time. If you want to increase the level of weapon Skill Line, place one of his abilities in the action bar – and then, even if you do not use this weapon, his skill will still increase as you gain experience.

3. Look For Additional Skill Points

When you raise the level, you will gain Skill Points that allow you to discover new abilities, but there are other ways to get them:

Skyshards – everywhere you will find the glowing blue color of the Skyshards. Activate them to absorb their energy. For every three shards you will receive one Skill Point.


Unique Quests – for some tasks you will receive a reward in the form of Skill Points. Check whether any achievement is associated with the current task. If so, you will most likely get a Skill Point after completing.

Group Events in Public Dungeons – in each of the two public dungeons of Morrowind there is a group event, for the completion of which you will receive a Skill Point.

Raising The Rank in Alliance – getting new ranks in PvP (on the Battlegrounds or in the War of Alliances), you will also receive Skill Points.

4. Find And Eat Food

Food will give you very useful bonuses to basic attributes and stats. If you belong to the category of any crooks, then you can try to steal food in taverns, but it’s best to learn the Provisioning Skill Line and prepare your own food yourself. Go to Vivec City to learn how to get a Provisioning skill line, and use the hearth to make something delicious!

5. Create Low-level Equipment To Fill In The Gaps

Playing a new character, you may experience a shortage of the necessary parts of the armor. Armor from 1 to 14 levels can be created by anyone and does not require the investment of Skill Points. To begin, collect some materials and find a crafting station. As you practice the craft, you will even develop your skills!


6. Strike Harder To Rebuild Combat Resources

If you have problems with the restoration of resources (reserve of forces and magic) in combat, try to regularly apply a Heavy Attacks along with the usual attacks. You will not only deal more damage, but also restore some of the resources (magic recovers with a heavy attack with staffs, and Stamina – with a Heavy Attacks with a bow, sword, ax, dagger or mace).

7. Expand Your Place In Bank And Inventory

You will find a lot of different things, so you will need to keep an eye on the free space in the Inventory and the Bank. To make sure that you have where to store the hard-earned booty, talk to the Banker (near the entrance to Vivec) to increase the bank cells, and with the Pack Merchant (inside the Canton of St. Olms in Vivec) to expand the inventory. Both will cost you a certain amount of gold.

8. Find The Transport

Vvardenfell is a huge place, so you should think about the many options of traveling that the island has. Most large settlements have a port of Silt Striders (look for high towers on the outskirts), and some (for example, Vivec City and Sadrith Mora) are equipped with boatswains. They can take you to different places, and with their help you can get to almost any part of the island without having to first get there on foot or on horseback. And do not forget, for the opening of new places you will receive XP points!

9. Disassemble Unnecessary Things

If your inventory is filled to the top with all sorts of stuff, you’ll probably want to sell all the trash. But if you want quickly and without any effort to raise the level of craft skills, then it is better to dispose of things you do not need on Crafting Stations. You will not only develop crafts, but you will also receive a number of materials (which, as you might guess, will immediately take up the vacant place in the inventory).

10. Do Not Attack Innocent People

If you accidentally attack innocent NPCs, when you check the strength of your new abilities, go to the menu of gameplay settings (Settings – Gameplay) and turn on “Prevent Attacking Innocents”. So you will play calmly, knowing that you will not receive an unexpected reward for your head from local guards of order.

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