Contract Vampirim In The Elder Scrolls Online

One of the most special moments in The Elder Scrolls Online is when you contract vampirism, either temporarily or permanently. When contracting vampirism in The Elder Scrolls Online not only changes the appearance of your character, but also you will have a series of passive abilities and a new Vamp tree to unlock with so many powers.

There are up to four stages of vampirism in the game, depending on how long you have been converted and whether you have eaten blood or not in the last few hours, being the last phase in which you are a “permanent” vampire. Evidently being a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online has a number of advantages, but also disadvantages. In your favor you will have a great set of great skills, but against you will be much more vulnerable to fire.


But after all this introduction, what really matters to you is how to become a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s not going to be just a simple task.

How To Become A Vampire In The Elder Scrolls Online

There are few creatures that can become a vampire in the game, and those that exist only in specific areas, at certain times and, if another player eliminates them, they do not reappear until after 24 hours.

But in general a rule is usually fulfilled. What you have to do is go to the level 40 area of each faction (the one you have chosen) until you find an NPC Vampires of the Blood-Fiend type. It is an enemy that infects you with vampirism but you will need to hit you repeatedly to get the disease. If you eliminate the enemy will not reappear until after 24 hours, so the noblest thing is to leave it alive for other players to become infected also if they wish.

Another way to get vampirism is that you ‘stick’ a partner. In this case you will see a confirmation window of whether you want to contract this disease or not, so you always have this option that is the simplest of all.


How To Activate The Mission Of vampirism

But being a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online is not only a change of appearance and skills, it also has a certain branch of missions that you have to activate.

Depending on the faction you have chosen, the vampire missions in The Elder Scrolls Online are activated in one zone or another:

  • In Daggerfall Covenant the active NPC is in the city of Bangkorai
  • In Ebonheart Pact in Riften
  • In Aldmeri Dominion you have it in Rawl’kha

Can I Cure Myself From Vampirism?

No doubt many players get infected with vampirism because they want to try new skills, but perhaps in their combat strategy they do not come any good.

Well, in the very city where you have activated the missions of vampirism, you will have a priest of Arkay that can cure you of the disease, but always in exchange for a quantity of gold.

Now you know how to infect vampirism in The Elder Scrolls Online and how to activate their missions in history.