NBA 2K 18 Classic Team Rosters

The launch of NBA 2K 18 is coming, and 2K squad continue releases new information before the NBA 2K 18 hit stores on 25 Sept. Everyone expect to obtain new classic teams in game. On 20 Aug, 2K released the teams under the Twitter hastag #2KClassicTeamTournament as apart of launch work. In below screenshot we can see that 2K asked fans which team would win a matchup between two of their classic teams.
NBA 2K 18 Classic Team Rosters
Users tweet their selection out to their followers who can then make their own choice in the matchup. This strategy allows the 2K team to showcase the classic teams they’re featuring plus it sparks a debate among fans and builds their excitement for the game.

As we can count below there are 14 teams have been released to public so far by 25 Aug. Here’s a complete list of the teams included on this year’s game:

  1. 1998-99 New York Knicks
  2. 1996-97 Miami Heat
  3. 2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies
  4. 2005-06 Memphis Grizzlies
  5. 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers
  6. 2001-02 Sacramento Kings
  7. 2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder
  8. 2007-08 Denver Nuggets
  9. 2013-14 Indiana Pacers
  10. 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets
  11. 2010-11 Chicago Bulls
  12. 2011-12 New York Knicks
  13. 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks
  14. 2015-16 Golden State Warriors

Normally, when you think of classic you’d think of Magic’s Lakers and Bird’s Celtics. Fans of 90’s basketball would think about Jordan’s Bulls tearing up the NBA — last year’s classic team roster included five different variations of them. But this year’s game strayed away from that and included content that a younger generation of fans can consume in some knowledgeable way. How do you think? Is there something they missed ? welcome to comment.