The Elder Scrolls Online Optimized Xbox One X

Zenimax’s online multiplayer will include native 4K support and HDR support, as well as increased viewing distance, shadows improvements with the SSAO (environmental occlusion) implementation, and improved water reflection.


The MMORPG based on the universe of The Elder Scrolls, gets a new update that brings improvements and optimizations for Xbox One X along with its latest downloadable content: Clockwork City. As we told you yesterday, Bethesda would publish an update for this title today, something that has already been fulfilled. This new update allows players to experience the first act of return to Clockwork City for free.

This update will bring the Xbox One X users the compatibility with the native 4K resolution, as well as being able to benefit from the HDR technology to enjoy a greater dynamic range of colors. Along with this, there is also an increase in the drawn distance presented by this title, accompanied by improvements in the shadows and reflections of the water.

As for Clockwork City, it is the eighth DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online. We will be enabled a new location to explore at our whim, along with a new plot, another fierce test for our group, the Transmutation system and many additional elements of personalization. We can get it in the Crown Store for about 2,000 crowns, although if you are members of The Elder Scrolls Online Plus, do not worry, because this downloadable content is included in the subscription. Are you ready for a new adventure in Tamriel?