The Elder Scrolls Online Special Offers This Week

Because the MMORPG of Bethesda leaving us wandering quietly in Tamriel seems to have exceeded the 10 million mark, now the company offers The Elder Scrolls Online for a few days without any expense on our part.


ZeniMax Online has announced that The Elder Scrolls Online has made over 10 million players since its launch in April 2014. On this occasion, fans and people who have not yet been tempted to produce can count on various attractions. One of them will be a free week with PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus subscription required) and PC, which last until 6th December.

As part of the action, the creators will provide all content from the basic version of Elder Scrolls Online. DLC and extensions will be retained, including Morrowind’s June release. Those who start a new account in the game will get 500 crowns. The virtual currency is used to buy in store items, experience scrolls, potions and other items.

The traditional progress achieved during the free week will be retained on the server. This means that if we decide to buy a full version of the production, we will start playing from the moment of the moment.

There is also a sale – Elder Scrolls Online on Steam can be bought for $ 35.99 and PlayStation Store costs $ 39.50. In both services, Morrowind has been overcharged by 50 percent.

From now, ESO also starts an event that will last until 6 December, so that you can win the so-called prize box. The box will include pets, mounts and costumes.

In order to get a Mysterious Reward Box, you must finish – on normal or veteran – a random dungeon using the Dungeon Finder. Daily players can receive one set per character. This action is aimed at the owners of all hardware platforms.

In the meantime, on the official website of the Bethesda title, he runs a competition where he can win one of 300 prizes, including a trip to next year’s PAX East and Elder Scrolls Online.

The production is set several hundred years before the events of Skyrim. Players visit many regions of the continent of Tamriel, protect the world from demonic invasion and take part in the war of three factions.