A Competition To Design The Best Path Of Exile T-shirt

In Path of Exile, GGG are launching a competition to design the best T-shirt! Submissions will be accepted until Monday, 16th April at 9am (NZDT). Do you want to join?

They are looking to create a shirt that will be awesome to wear out and about in the community, while still being instantly recognisable to other players. Maybe it’ll have a clever slogan, a funny image or an in-joke that only PoE community would understand.

Path of Exile

Your entry doesn’t have to be an image. While images are of course preferable, even a textual description is good enough if it’s really clever and would make a great T-shirt. Your submission must be 100% your own work.

You’re allowed to refer to Path of Exile content and use its art assets, but please don’t submit full screenshots from the game. Your design should be easily identifiable as a reference to Path of Exile. All designs must be appropriate for an audience of most ages. No nudity, profanity or overtly mature themes. Keep it classy!

Remember that various constraints apply to the physical shirt creation process. While a shirt that consists of the entire Skill Tree wrapped around your body may be awesome, it’s not necessarily something that they’re able to print easily.

GGG will be taking these considerations into account when selecting winners. Also, they’re hoping people will be able to wear these shirts in public without feeling silly. A realistic picture of a Templar with no pants might be an awesome in-joke, but people might not want to actually wear it outside.

The winning designs will be announced within two weeks of the end of the contest. Top Three winners can have Chaos Orb T-shirt, Winning Design T-shirt, Path of Exile Comic, Armour Set, 250 points. And the tops 15 winner can have Chaos Orb T-shirt, Winning Design T-shirt, 250 points. Runners-Up have 250 points.