Path of Exile Temple Tips for beginners

At Poe 3.6 Temple’s various drops are very friendly, it is important to know how to solve Temple and when to solve Temple, which can help you quickly enter the game and accumulate capital.

Briefly talk about the common problems I have encountered with other novices.
(1) Can Temple only enter 11 times?
Yes, but not!
Temple will meet on the map, you can play 11 “Little Temple” in total, then Aiwa will let you enter the “big Temple”, this big Temple is the result of your previous few hits, how many rooms have been opened (killing the monster probability to drop the key, touching the connected door), how many times to upgrade the room (beating the Boss in Temple), will show up in the last big Temple
So! The best situation is that you have got the keys to open the room in the first 11 passes, and there are upgrade rooms. Finally, your big Temple can be blamed in the “opening room”.
However, it is not the end of 11 times of playing, Temple will always be remade, you can re-enter 11 times every time you finish the big Temple, and even if you don’t play, Temple will not change rooms, even if you start drawing He still gives you the same room, and the room opened by Temple is eating the word drop off the map (minus maximum resistance, anti-injury, etc.), so there is no better fight after the picture is opened.

(2) When is it better to start brushing Temple?
Anytime! (just like when you ask me when I eat snacks)
Ok, my suggestion is that you have at least one set of connection skills (recommended 3, 4) to stabilize the brush and then go to play. Usually after the first task (Chapter 5) has already had this ability, you can try to brush. If the brush does not win the king, if you can’t clear it, you will be asked to come out. Please think carefully about whether your Build is wrong, or if the Build is not suitable for quick brushing, or the power of the Build later.

(3) Which is better to upgrade Temple?
This can be seen in the apricot’s Raiders are very clear
Let me briefly talk about my gameplay (not necessarily for everyone)
First of all, I play arc traps, I will upgrade the equipment I need to cross the word, such as traps, lightning
So I will choose the lightning workshop, the trap room, etc., but you will not have these types of equipment in the first 11 crossings. It is necessary to go to the corresponding room when you finish the 11th time. The organic rate appears, and the brushtail king also has an organic rate.
(Please be sure to open the new version of the filter, it may be filtered out of this equipment)
And the word that will appear in this league is like this
Trap damage (trap room)
Maximum life + % of life (equipment room)
So I think it is necessary to open the room. The ultimate goal is to upgrade to the room in 11 crossings, and connect to the last tail king room, kill him to get the limited equipment of this league.
I will not go into the room function, please see the discussion of Apricot’s Raiders.

(4) Vaal pact
This version of Vaal pact buff is very much, Vaal pact can be used to brush monsters on the main line task, touch the last Val container to get rewards, the chance to get Vaal Gems, equipment, goddess fragments, poe currency value etc.
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