The Elder Scrolls V: Breton guide

Bretons hail from the province of High Rock and they are mages extraordinaire. With

the mixture of their Aldmer and human blood they are capable of powerful magical

feats without being quite as frail as their elven ancestors. With a sword in one hand

and electricity blazing from the other these guys can handle almost any situation if

they’ve been trained properly.

To a degree it’s safe to think of the Breton as a “training wheels” type

character. They have a high Conjuration skill which lets them summon allies to help

them fight, aiding new players in dealing with some of the harder battles (like

Dragons). In addition to that, they focus on support magic instead of direct combat

spells which lets you fight with a sword and shield – swapping to magic as needed.

These two facts grant them high survivability as compared to most other mage


Honestly, the Breton is one of the better character races in the game even if you don

’t know what you’re doing. They don’t start off in especially fantastic shape to

be a warrior or thief, but they can certainly be trained up for that. Heck, use the

Guardian Stones if you find your skills aren’t leveling up fast enough. Overall,

this race may not be as immediately helpful as some other races but it definitely

packs a heck of a punch when used properly.

A Breton will have access to:

Starting Skills

Alchemy: 20, Alteration: 20, Conjuration: 25, Illusion: 20, Restoration: 20, Speech:


Passive Abilities

Magic Resistance: Grants a 25% resistance to magic but not elemental spells.

Activated Ability:

Dragonskin: Absorb 50% of the magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds.

Character Suggestions:

As you can probably guess, the Breton makes for an excellent mage. Due to their

innate skill with magick you have a whole lot of options here. They have no

specialization with offensive spells so either train them up or simply work around

that. Either way, this character can really be played in just about any way. A few

ideas are listed below:

Pure Mage: This is the most obvious choice. Eschew weapons and armors almost entirely

for best results; keep an offensive spell in one hand and a summoning or protective

spell in the other. Pump up your school of choice and then just tear through your

foes. Mages will find you especially difficult to fight, especially if you bring

protective spells. While they may not start with a boost to Destruction they do start

with Flames and Sparks so they’re ready to blast apart enemies right out the door.

Thief: Illusion provides you with concealment options for stealthy approaches. Take

the Illusion Perk and Quiet Casting, to give yourself the option to cast any spells

you like while hidden away. Conjuration can be used to summon powerful weapons or

battle allies – it’s entirely possible to hide away from enemies and send minions

to do your bidding. If you’re not doing great in combat then use Alchemy to make

poisons to rapidly damage enemies or paralyze them.

Fighter: A fighter might seem unlikely but it actually works pretty well. Restoration

spells will keep you alive, Conjuration will summon up a battle buddy to provide

assistance in tough fights and Alteration will help inhibit your foes ability to

fight back. Plus, since you resist their magic, mages are going to die in short order

as you charge right into their face and cut them open. Even their strongest spells

will have little impact on you especially if you use Dragonskin.

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