The Elder Scrolls V: Argonian guide

As one look at their abilities will tell you, any Argonian is naturally designed to

be a thief type character. Lockpicking and Sneak will get you into enemy strongholds,

Pickpocket can be used to filch things for fun and/or profit and Light Armor will

help you when a fight breaks out. While you don’t start out with any boosted weapon

skills Alteration helps out a bit thanks to the ability to paralyze your foes.

Paralyze your foes, slice them apart and then use Restoration to heal any wounds you

’ve accumulated.

To anyone who may have avoided them in the past games due to the restrictions on

their equipment, fear not, that restriction is removed. Now you can wear full suits

of armor to further enhance your traits, removing their one great hindrance. However,

the race itself is somewhat weaker than other stealth races as the water breathing

ability isn’t a huge boon. The disease and poison protection is really nice though.

Their abilities are somewhat at odds with their purpose, which weakens them. Their

skills are geared towards stealth which helps for thieves and assassins. They have an

armor skill to protect them in combat, Restoration magicks to protect them and heal

their wounds, plus they have Histskin to regenerate even faster. But with only

Alteration to aid them in combat you’re going to be at a disadvantage in a fight

until you train up your fighting skills.

An Argonian will have access to:

Starting Skills

Alteration: 20, Light Armor: 20, Lockpicking: 25, Sneak: 20, Pickpocket: 20,

Restoration: 20

Passive Abilities

Resist Disease – Gives a 50% resistance to disease.

Waterbreathing – You may at all times breathe underwater.

Activated Ability:

Histskin – When activated your health will regenerate ten times faster.

Character Suggestions:

Once you escape Helgen Keep use the Guardian Stones to gain the Warrior Sign. This

will boost your combat abilities at a rate 30% faster than normal, which helps your

chosen weapon level-up fast enough so you can pick some really nice perks. Then from

here continue to develop both your combat and stealth skills until you have a very

nice assassin character. It’s probably best to go with One Handed Blades; pairing up

Paralyze spells with two short swords or daggers to slice enemies up is an

exceedingly effective combat tactic.

Should you go with this combat route then it’s suggested that you purchase the few

dual wielding skills so that you can get more attacks in and do more damage with

those attacks. It could make all the difference in killing that enemy before he

escapes paralysis and begins fighting back.

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