Elder Scrolls Online five classes


The Warden class will be one of the five playable classes in Elder Scrolls Online. This is probably the class with the least amount of information currently available in regards to what abilities it has or what exact role it will play in ESO.

Currently, the only thing that is really confirmed about the Elder Scrolls Online Warden class is that it will be a healer, as well as a moderate ranged magic dealer. It seems as though it would be similar to a Cleric as we’ve seen in other games.

In comparison to the Templar, I would imagine that the Warden would be an overall better healer as the Templar seems to be a bit more focused on damage and tanking than healing. I would assume that the Warden also has good damage as it doesn’t seem like this game featuring five classes would have one devoted to only one role.

Of course as soon as any more information is available about the Warden class or any other class in the Elder Scrolls Online, we will update these guides accordingly!


The Nightblade is one of the five different classes available to play in the Elder Scrolls Online. Currently this class has probably the least amount of information available, but we hope to give you a decent grasp on what exactly the Nightblade will be capable of doing.

It is confirmed that the Nightblade will be a rogue type class, so we can expect to see a lot of quick movement, stealth attacks, and high burst damage. Currently we don’t know any of the classes abilities, however, if history repeats itself you can expect this class to be a great stun lock champion and a great choice for PvP.

Something else to keep in mind, rogues are often very good at mitigating damage, so be aware of this as well.


The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online is one of the five different playable classes available. This class is extremely diverse, with it’s ability to deal damage with melee weapons as well as heal allies with magic restoration abilities, it proves to be a very dangerous foe in PvP and a great choice for anyone wanting to dominate in any situation.

Elder Scrolls Online Templar Abilities

Sun Strike: This is a very basic ability, potentially the main damage dealing ability for the Templar when everything else happens to be on cooldown. It does use Magicka, and essentially it spawns a staff of light that will strike an enemy and deal damage.

Sun Fire: Here we have an ability that can be used at a medium range, and hurls a sunlight blast at an enemy to deal damage. Basically it’s what you would picture a fireball ability to look like, only with a beam of light instead of a ball of fire. It does use Magicka, and a bit more than Sun Strike but deals more damage.

Rushed Ceremony: Remember the healing abilities I mentioned earlier? That comes into play here with Rushed Ceremony, it is used to heal yourself or an ally and has no cooldown so you’re able to use it on multiple allies back to back, but be sure to keep on eye on your Magicka, this ability alone makes the Templar a great class in ESO.

Not much is known about any class in the Elder Scrolls Online, but we do know that the Templar is going to be similar to that of a Paladin as we’ve seen in previous MMORPGs released. The Templar class will be extremely versatile, similar to the Dragon Knight but with it’s own twist on the roles.

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The Sorcerer Class is one of five playable classes in the Elder Scrolls Online. Obviously from the name of the class you can tell that the Sorcerer is a magic-based character, so mainly you’ll be using magic armor and staffs, although ESO doesn’t limit you in your armor choice so you may use other gear if you’d like. You can bet on the Sorcerer being a standard mage class, but nothing is set in stone with this game and it could end up being very versatile.

Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Abilities


Dark Magic: Here we have an ability that will allow the Sorcerer to knock back enemies and deal damage. This will be a great resource in PvP to get a melee pest off your back so you can nuke him down from a distance.

Daedric Summoning: One thing that sets the Sorcerer apart in Elder Scrolls Online is this ability, not much is known about it yet other than the fact you will be allowed to summon at least one but possibly multiple familiars to aid you in combat.

Storm Calling: The third and final known ability of the Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer class is called Storm Calling. It looks like this ability is activated to allow you to cast lightning spells and to increase the amount of damage or possibly lower their cooldown or even add features to the abilities.

Sorcerers will mainly use Magicka as their resource for abilities, so it is important to maximize your utilization of this resource. You will need this in order to deal the majority of your damage as well as summon your familiars to fight along side you in combat.

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Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight Class is one of five playable classes available in Elder Scrolls Online. Essentially this is a Hybrid class with both melee and ranged abilities, as well as it’s ability to be a tank, and also the option to be an offensive healer. Obviously this class is extremely diverse with many different ways you can go about playing it, making it harder to defend against this class in PvP.

Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight Abilities


Dragon Armor: This ability is what is known as the classes “ultimate” ability, meaning you can’t use it as often but it is considerably moreeffective than other abilities. Dragon Armor will transform the Dragon Knight into a fiery being, causing nearby enemies to catch fire and receive damage over a period of time.

Spike Armor: Here is an excellent ability to show off the Dragon Knight’s tankiness with, it will give the DK a cloak of spikes to increase damage resistance. Additionally, when this is active it will deflect damage dealt back to the attacker. This ability has a 9 second duration, but the cooldown is unknown.

Slam: Next up for Dragon Knight Abilities in ESO is the Slam ability, which will knock an enemy down and stun them as well as interrupt anything they may have been casting beforehand. This ability costs stamina to use, so be sure not to just spam it constantly otherwise you will not be able to use it when you really need it to interrupt a big ability cast or something.

Fiery Reach: This will throw a flaming chain out forward and pull opponents closer to the Dragon Knight. Fiery Reach will definitely be a great ability for PvP but also in PvE tanking to pick up those extra mobs without having to get in range of them.


Currently not too much is known about any class in ESO, but here is a slight bit of useful knowledge about the Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight class. As new information is released we will add to this guide for the Elder Scrolls Online Dragon Knight, so keep checking back frequently.

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