Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Much is still being speculated about in regards to the Elder Scrolls Online Classes and how exactly the whole system will work. As with any MMORPG, we can assume that the class selection will be a  very important choice regardless, but it looks as though there will still be a lot of room to explore other classes or at least aspects of other classes. One thing to note is that all armor and weapons will be able to be equipped by any class.

The skill  leveling system will be very similar to what was used in previous Elder Scrolls games, where you level different types of weapon’s skills in order to be more efficient with that weapon type. We will also see Health, Magicka, and Stamina present in The Elder Scrolls Online Classes, regardless of your chosen classes.


You will also have skill points in ESO, with different skill trees for you to unlock abilities from, which is where you will find the most character uniqueness. It looks as though any class will be able to unlock abilities from any other classes skill tree, however, each class will have abilities that are strictly for that class alone. These abilities will be unlocked as you gradually progress through the game, which will set classes apart from one another

Currently there are five confirmed classes for the Elder Scrolls Online Classes selection.

classespic2Dragon Knight: DKs will be very diverse characters, they have the ability to either be the tank, or deal melee damage, or do ranged damage. Fiery Reach is an ability used by the Dragon Knight Class that pulls enemies towards them and stuns them, dealing damage as well.

Nightblade: The Nightblade Class is very reliant on Stealth as well as Magic to take down foes, essentially a rogue with some magic up it’s sleeve. Nightblades use their magic to weaken enemies and then go in for some up close and personal finishers.

Sorcerer: You can expect to see Sorcerer’s sporting a different attire than the usual robe and staff, with the ability for all classes to wear any armor, the options for classes which are typically limited to “cloth” armor will really open up.

mplaTer: A damaging healer defines the Templar, similar to “paladin” classes in other MMORPGs, the Templar is about to deal strong weapon damage while keeping their allies alive with an arsenal of restoration spells. The Templar Class is definitely another diverse class in the world of ESO.

Warden: The Warden Class is going to be a more direct healing class, as opposed to the Templar who is naturally a bit more diverse. Don’t underestimate the Warden’s ability to deal some damage as well though, I can see this being an extremely popular class in PvP.

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