Elder Scrolls Online Hunter Class

We have seen five different classes be announced for ESO so far, but that still leaves room for some more character types, but it might just be a bit too late for Bethesda to throw any more classes into the mix. Currently the five choices for a class in Elder Scrolls Online are the Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Templar, Nightblade, and Warden which are five paths that are not very alike so they do cover a broad range of choices. Also, it has been stressed that regardless of the class you choose you are still going to have a hefty bit of customization to work with, which leads me to believe that a fifth class is unlikely.

However, if they did add a sixth class I would put my money on it being some form of a Hunter or Archer class, something that specializes with bows and other ranged weapons, and possibly has a pet/companion that fights


Honestly I almost always start a new MMORPG out with a the ranged physical damage class, so I’m hoping that they do add a sixth class to suit my favorite playstyle. On the other hand, it is also very likely that if they don’t release this class type, that the Nightblade may cover that type of playstyle as well. Despite knowing very little about any of the Elder Scrolls Online classes beyond a description that is very open to interpretation and a name to go along with it, I get the feeling that the classes might play out a little something like this:alongside them. Essentially ESO already has a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Paladin, and Cleric already with the five given classes, and in my opinion the next most popular fantasy character role would be the Hunter or Archer, but I would assume Elder Scrolls would develop a more unique name for the class if they did release it.


Dragonknight – Mix of a Warrior and a Berserker, with the option to heavily pursue one or another

Sorcerer – Mix of one form of the mage class, and another form of the mage class, such as an Elementalist Mage and a Necromancer Mage, things like that.

Templar – Mix of a Paladin and maybe aspects of the Warrior and Berserker as well that the Dragonknight doesn’t quite cover.

Nightblade – Mix of a Rogue and a Hunter, probably with the option to go more for a ranged or melee style.

Warden – Something similar to the Priest in World of Warcraft, with a holy healing angle and a dark damage angle that you could approach.

One reason a sixth class may be in order is based on what they’ve told us about synergy and how it utilizes two classes abilities when playing together to unleash different abilities. Six is an even number, and could be necessary for this mechanic to work in a balanced form, but then again we don’t know a whole lot about it so five could be perfectly balanced as is.

Of course this is just speculation for now, but I have been researching the classes aspect of ESO for a while and I feel comfortable with these predictions. If Elder Scrolls Online hits it’s targeted Spring release, hopefully we will start hearing a lot more information about different mechanics of the game including how the classes will work individually.

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