Elder Scrolls Online Leaked Beta Footage Surfaces

You may be wondering why we never see any gameplay of Elder Scrolls Online on youtube or sites like that, even though the game is in a closed beta, people are still getting invites we should see some videos, right? Wrong. Zenimax is very strict about players sharing their gameplay footage with the public, and are very on top of keeping these videos off of the net. Players are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement upon accepted their closed beta invitation, that prevents them from sharing footage.

However, some there have been some rare occasions where players seem to look past this agreement, and go ahead and post the footage online anyways. Just today one of these videos appeared across various media websites like DailyMotion and YouTube, and was shared on blogs and message boards like Reddit. Zenimax acted extremely fast to take this video down, and requested that any blogs hosting the media to please remove it.


You can see on this Reddit page that people keep uploading the video and it is then removed within minutes. I’m sure a few people get to watch it or download it before Zenimax is able to remove the ESO Beta Video, and therefore it won’t surprise me if it continues to spread. If you really want to see it, I’m sure you can follow that Reddit thread closely, and keep checking the most recent videos on YouTube about ESO Footage and it’s bound to appear.

I’m sure Zenimax has their reasons for keeping the ESO Closed Beta on a lower key, and not wanting to have everyone see the details of the game. Although instances like this are bound to happen, since there is an exceptional amount of players in the Elder Scrolls Online Beta, a handful of them are going to leak and share footage without a doubt.

No word has been said about whether or not the player or players involved in the ESO Beta Video Leak have had their access revoked or not, but we can only assume that Zenimax will lay down the banhammer since they’ve been so strict on this subject. The ESO Release Date is still set for Spring 2014, and there has been no official word about an Elder Scrolls Online Open Beta just yet.

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