Skyrim: The Women of Skyrim

Skyrim’s leading ladies, championed!

Published on Nov 9, 2011

Back at Gamescom 2011, Bethesda’s Pete Hines told us that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s female quotient had been given an upgrade by saying, “We have attractive women now.”

It was an odd quote to be fair, but a lot of people read our original story. But the women of Skyrim are – of course – not just objects, some have epic tales to tell, others sell valuable goods, while the rest are simply NPCs.

But whatever their motive in life, was Hines telling the truth? Was it an odd thing to say? Does it really matter what the females look like?

We decided to put this to the test by embarking on a quest for satire, and set off searching the cold expanses of Skyrim for as many ladies as we could find.

Speak your brains in the comment section below.

Adrianne Avenicci

Found in Whiterun, Adrianne is a master blacksmith who aspires of being even better. She can be found at the entrance of the village, and can help craft weapons for you at a price.



Ardwen is a mysterious drifter who roams the frozen wastes of Skyrim with her nameless dog. She can be found wandering near Fort Kastav, which is a hotbed of skeleton archers waiting to kill you. She can be traded with, although we don’t trust her red glowing eyes. What is she hiding?


Camilla Valerius

Camilla can be found in the village of Riverwood and is brother to the general store there. While Camilla works at the store, she cannot be traded with, and doesn’t offer any quests. She does constantly express fondness for your character.



Gerdur owns a mill in Riverwood, and she is full of usefull information about the village and the surrounding area. She is also focused on business and keeping her mill ticking over.


Idgrod The Younger

Next in line to become Yarl of Morthal after her mother passes, Idgrod is nervous about the consequences of coming into power, and fears the day when her mother eventually dies. You can talk to Idgrod about her impending repsonsibilities and to make her feel more confident about them.



Captain of the guard at Dragonsreach keep, Irileth doesn’t trust you at all as soon as you set foot in her abode. Irileth is happy to talk with you, but you must win her trust be completing her side quests.



Found in the Drunken Huntsmen bar in Whiterun, Jenassa is a mercenary for hire. At just 500 coins, her skill is well worth the effort if you need protecting. Jenassa also sees her trade as an art form, and has an unhealthy obsession with murder.


Lillith Maiden Loom

Found in the Whiterun Stables, Lillith owns the establishment, and will sell you a steed if you have enough coins, but more often than not, can be found sitting at her dinner table chomping on a giant loaf of bread.



Luaffyn is the bard inside Candlehearth Hall, an inn that houses a mysterious candle that has never gone out for more than a hundred years. Luaffyn can bang out a jaunty tune on the drums and sings about opression in Skyrim. She also takes song requests.



A vampire who hangs around outside the Dead Man’s Drink tavern in Falkreath village, Narri doesn’t offer any side quests, but she will flirt with you like crazy if you’ve become a vampire yourself. Otherwise, she’s a tad cold towards you.


Olfina Gray-Mane

Olfina gets her name from – you guessed it – her long grey hair. Olfina can be found in Whiterun, next to the village square market stalls. She is a shopper, but also dispenses plenty of information about many factions in Skyrim, so you should definitely have a chat with her.


Silda the Unseen

At first glance, Windhelm dweller Silda is nothing more than an irritating beggar who is after your cash, but if you give her the time of day, you can ask her to help you become better at pick-pocketing. Once she has, remember to give her some money for her help, it’s only polite.


Susanna The Wicked

We’re not sure if we trust Susanna. On one hand, this lodger at Windhelm’s Candleheart Hall seems friendly enough, and more than happy to tell you tales of Skyrim, but her name is a dead giveaway. Is she going to turn evil at some point? Just don’t turn your back on her, that’s all we’ll say.



We feel sorry for poor Tekla. She’s a maid who lives in fearful servitude of her master in Falkreath. She’s jittery, apologises constantly and is afraid to talk to you. Keep on chatting to her however, and she opens up a lot. The question is, who is her master and just how evil is he?


Valga Vinicia

Landlord at the Dead Man’s Drink pub in Falkreath, Valga is always up for a good chat and to dispense booze. She’s well worth chatting with a few times, as years of talking with customers has given her many cool tales to tell. Valga also sells a host of other neat items too.


Voldsea Giryon

Voldsea talks tough, but she is full of useful information on side quests and the local lore of Windhelm. She can also be found inside the Candlehearth Hall lounge after dark.

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